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Pics and Things

Pics and Things

At Beacon House we are preparing for anticipated future growth.  I spent some time filling out paperwork for quota where our volunteers who want to spend up to two years with us can do so. In Ghana, all companies, even nonprofits, must apply for a quota where foreigners can be assigned a position. It...
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Business as Mission

There is a new mission concept that is beginning to get traction in the world, called Business as Mission (BAM). “Business as Mission views business as a primary institution to holistically serve peoples’ needs in a way that demonstrates the reality of God.”
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Furlough Stresses

Several people have recently asked me if I was looking forward to coming to the US for awhile. To their amazement my unconscious melancholic retort was, “not really”. After catching myself in their return gaze I had to qualify my response with a “let me explain” phrase.
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Looking Inward Will Isolate and Destroy

This has been a difficult few months for our family. We learned in October that a long-time major supporting congregation would discontinue their support (nearly %20 of the 2008-09 budget) of our family/mission in December. This congregation has decided to change their evangelistic ministry to a community focused endeavor. Being a foreign missionary myself,...
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Mission Moments